Despite my technical expertise, I am in fact uneducated. I dropped out of school in the 6th grade, and so I have that level of education. While I’m an autodidact in computer programming, there are some aspects of it that elude me because of my level in math. It is so bad, that when I took a practice SAT on Khan Academy, I scored 350 out of a scale from 200-800. That is deplorable. My English score was 660. This was without any prep or studying, but I should have done better.

I have decided that I want to go to University (my goal is the University of Chicago). I am a 33 year old uneducated drop-out, so this should be a challenge. Here is where I will collect all of my study hacks and tips based on what I learn. I will also regularly post updates on my scores for the SAT, and the AP exams I plan to take. I will be scouting for practice tests as I go along.