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The internet is broken, and nobody can fix it

Big things die slow. The internet has been dying now for about 10-15 years. In reality, it started dying on April 13, 2000. The day Metallica sued Napster. This isn’t a defense of file sharing on the internet, it’s just a statement of fact. That was the day shit started getting real online, when the digital and virtual world of the internet had real repercussions from the real world.

Hacking had kind of always been illegal, but that was a reaction in the real world to people crossing the boundary from the internet, or from cyberspace, to affect the real world, so it’s understandable.

But the internet is dying for other reasons.

Passwords are shitty security

Passwords were always a bad idea. But they were convenient, they made it easier to key access to systems and identify users. But they suck. They can be hacked, rather easily. There’s no real solution online. Most websites, like Amazon, or Digital Ocean elect to use two-factor authentication. That’s where you sign in, then twiddle your thumbs while you wait for an email or an SMS with a code, then you enter the code and you’re in.

What happens when you lose the password to your email account? Phone. Or lose your phone entirely?

British Petroleum Plc, I-Ching Forecast

Accuracy Update 4/18/2018

Interestingly, Oil stalled, and BP didn’t go anywhere. Because I was unsure about the sector, I decided not to re-invest and have moved on to Service Restaurants sector. I am still keeping a close eye on the Oil sector, but it seems to be ranging for the time being. While Oil is progressing, stocks related to them such as $HP and $BP are stuggling.

Another reason I decided to leave the Oil & Energy sector for this week is that a lot of people became very positive/excited about Oil. I prefer to buy the rumor and sell the rally, once everybody starts being maximally optimistic (the Bulls win) I prefer to sell. This is I suppose, the Value Investing/Templeton approach, buy at the moment of maximum pessimism and sell at the moment of maximum optimism.

For the record, my stint from August 2017 to April 2018 in the Oil and Energy sector got me 20.1% return on my invested capital, which I am very happy with.

Oil News, Gas and Energy Sector Investing Roundup

Interesting video.

How Significant Is WTI’s Breakout?

Suggests Oil might be trading in a new range. Mostly based on past data and technical analysis. Nothing original geopolitically, member of the causationsphere, thinking that trouble in the middle east affects oil, instead of oil effecting trouble in the middle east.

The Real Worry for Oil Prices Isn’t Missiles Over Syria

Pure mindless speculation. Unoriginal in every sense. Has some decent data on Syria, Russia and Venezuela. Specifically production in Venezuela and Mexico has conveniently fallen precipitously. Production from Syria has been conveniently non-existent since 2011, most of Syria’s oil needs are being met by Iran. Russia is exporting 4.5 mbd, it has actually benefited from the tensions.