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homemade neighbor sex For work I need to use git to manage various aspects of client projects, and because the code is proprietary, I have to manage a private git system. The way you do this is to create a user called git and to setup your authorized keys for that user. Then you make sure the user is using the git-shell with “chsh git -s $(which git-shell)” and make sure that you echo $(which git-shell) >> /etc/shells.

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cum non bibendes On my local machine I have a script like so:

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webcam coed strip directory #!/bin/bash mkdir -p $1 cd $1 git init ssh admin@mygitserver -p 1337 "bash /home/admin/make-git-repo $1" git remote add origin ssh://git@mygitserver:1337/home/git/$1.git git pull origin master if [ ! -f .gitignore ]; then cp ~/bin/gitignore_template .gitignore git add . git commit -a -m "Initial Commit of $1" git push -u origin master else git branch master --set-upstream-to=origin/master fi

bid tit videos On my server, I have a bash script like so:

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g spot blue vibrator waterproof #!/bin/bash if [ "$1" = "" ]; then echo "You must name the repos, don't add .git!"; exit 1; fi if [ -d "/home/git/$1.git" ]; then echo "/home/git/$1.git already exists"; exit 0; fi mkdir /home/git/$1.git cd /home/git/$1.git git init --bare cd ../ chown git:git -R $1.git

los angeles lawyers and gay discrimination That way I can just cd into a directory and type: addrepo some-project. And it gets created on the server, and setup, or if it is already on the server, it pulls it down. Bada-bing.

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