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horney teen babes So I’ve picked up a new book, Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd ed. and I’ve decided to try implementing some of them as a practice using Scheme, specifically I’m using a vanilla install of Chez Scheme.

effects of masturbating (define merge-sort (lambda (l A L R sw) (cond ((and (null? L) (null? l)) (append A R)) ((and (null? R) (null? l)) (append A L)) (else (cond ((null? l) (cond ((and (null? A) (or (= sw 1) (= sw 0))) (merge-sort l A (merge-sort L '() '() '() 0) (merge-sort R '() '() '() 0) -1)) (else (if (<= (car L) (car R)) (merge-sort l (append A (list (car L))) (cdr L) R sw) (merge-sort l (append A (list (car R))) L (cdr R) sw))))) (else (if (= sw 0) (merge-sort (cdr l) A (append L (list (car l))) R 1) (merge-sort (cdr l) A L (append R (list (car l))) 0)))))))) (merge-sort '(85 6 43 33 21 9 1 3 22 84 85) '() '() '() 0)