1. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me
  2. Google has shown it will make ideologically based decisions against users
  3. Even if you agree with Google’s ideology today, you might not tomorrow
  4. Are you willing to bet money you and Google will always agree?

Not too long ago Google closed the gmail account of Jordan Peterson. It doesn’t matter what you think of him. The facts of the matter are simple. His entire online life was through google and gmail, that includes his business email. That means all his password recovery emails.

Imagine for a moment. You have a business. That means a Cloudflare Login, maybe a Moniker login, various different accounts. What if you lost not just access to those accounts, but access, permanently, to the recovery email address? All because you have a different political opinion. To hell with it. Maybe you’re just a horrible human being who likes drowning puppies. It wouldn’t matter. This is about self-interest.

If you use Google for your business email, you are betting money and time that you and Google will always agree. It wouldn’t matter if they promised never to do it again. The cat is out of the bag. This isn’t baseball, this is your livelihood. This is one strike and you’re out.

This isn’t about a private corporation’s right to censor its users. This is about your fucking money.

Which do you prefer, your money, or Google’s abstract right to cost you money by exercising its right? What you want is a company committed to utter ambivalence. You want a company that doesn’t care if you help old ladies across the street, or drown kittens in battery acid. Google has a right to ban you if you abuse their service. If you send out spam, or send and receive kiddie pr0n. That’s fair game. But when they poke into your private life, or public life, that is outside of their service and decide they don’t like what you say, or who you associate with, that’s another matter.

I used to use Google for my business email. Now I don’t, and I never will again. I’ve switched to Proton Mail. No, they don’t pay me any money to plug them.

Google dropped the ball, and they should never, ever, get to touch that ball again. They failed. If you ever trust your business to google, you are a fool.