Windows is not Linux. Do not ever, EVER, use Windows specific functions to detect safe places to put configuration files. There is NO DIRECT PATH to AppData. It’s never where you put a config file. It is a stupid location for cached data, or a database people aren’t supposed to touch. Even then, it’s useless.

If your application has an RC file that’s supposed to go to /home/user/.myapprc, don’t assume that you can stick that into any old directory in Windows, you fucking can’t. It causes so many headaches. Just chop off the fucking ‘.’ and stick it into the same fucking directory as the .exe of your app. Don’t get fancy. Don’t get cute.

Drives me up the wall.

DON’T PUT IT IN THE HOME DIRECTORY. Windows users don’t have homes. It’s a stupid name for a superfluous concept. They have Desktops, Documents, Pictures, and so on. There’s not even an obvious way to get to your home directory in windows! There’s no “Home” link. You have to click a special dropdown, and then find it in a context menu. FUCK.