At first I didn’t like Sapienza as a level, it seemed on one hand too easy to kill and on the other too difficult to find anything. As long as you followed the simple assisted assassination plan everything went smoothly, but any deviation left you unsure how to proceed. The main issue I have is the dongle. It takes ages to get it, and destroying the virus any other way is difficult, or at least I’ve never managed it. The trick with Sapienza: You have to put in the time learning the level. Only when you have complete mastery of the town, mansion, and underground facility will unique opportunities show up. There are many ways to kill your targets. One obvious way is to give De Santis the DNA sample and then run up to the attic and drop a propane tank down the floo, but a less obvious one is to carry the propane tank down to her office and shoot it while she’s at her desk.

What I particularly loved about Sapienza were the opportunities of Silent Assassin. There are tons of non-standard ways to kill your targets, silently. Getting them alone is easy. Silvio with the tape, and De Santis with the golf pro.

The universal down side of Hitman 2016 is the time it takes. Get ready to spend hours playing this game. It really becomes addictive. Once you’re done with targets, you can move on to Escalations, or just plain Contracts. Sapienza has one of the most difficult to engineer escalations, the Lyndon Gyration, but once you grok the trick (involving a wrench and oil leaks), it becomes a walk in the park, but one that takes ages on account of extremely long NPC loops.