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The Devil in Modern Martial Arts

There is a devil in modern martial arts, a creeping, slithering, and disdainful philosophy that permeates martial arts, and lessens it with farcical sentimentality. That devil is peace.

It is absolutely absurd, to think that the “martial” arts should ever be about peace, and this absurd absolute is vehemently defended by the modern martial arts practitioner.

The idea is pervasive in the west, and even the east, though I should not need to mention that the entire body of martial systems is not in any way exclusive to Japan, China, or even Asia in general.

What has been thoroughly proven in the octagon is this: The philosophy and not the techniques of a martial art is the most important. An aggressive philosophy which is predisposed to council fast and extreme measures during conflict seriously increases the chance of victory.  Even in non-structured confrontation, martial arts like Kali, Krabi Krabong, Krav Maga, Savate, and Hooking which all emphasize violent and immediate action from any and all angles consistently dominate and prove useful in most probable scenarios.

The actual techniques used with any amount of consistent success are fundamentally the same. The only way to triumph in unavoidable conflict is violence, and that right soon.

This of course should be obvious, and I am not the first person to speak these words,  Carl Von Clausewitz wrote:

How to have an unhealthy relationship

Narrator: Hey there little Timmy, why don’t you put down that brush of fine, healthy, lead based paint and come over here to learn something about relationships.

Timmy: Geewiz mister, you nearly scared my socks off. Sure, I’d like to learn about relationships.

Narrator: Well Timmy, you’re in luck, because I’m here to explain to you how to have a dysfunctional relationship with someone who’d just as soon eat their own young as look at you.

Timmy: Really? I am not so sure about that. I thought relationships were about love and understanding, not infanticidal cannibalism.

Narrator: Ahh, the follies of youth. No Timmy, human relationships might seem like they should be about love and understanding, but there’s how a thing should be, and how it really is, and if you want to survive in this world, you better plan on having relationship after relationship based on distrust, mutual feeding, and a healthy dose of heartless lying.

Timmy: Golly Mister, that sounds just awful.

Samurai Sword with 1 million layers OMFGBBQTURNIP

I swear to Christ if I read one more comment by an idiot talking about Damascus Steel layered 1 million times, and the ultimate Japanese sword I am going to scream.

How it’s done:

You take four billets, if you don’t know what a billet is, then stop talking about forging. You fold those four, they become 8, hammer it down and fold those 8 they become 16, hammer it down and fold those 16 they become 32. As it turns out, to get 1 million layers you only need to fold it 18 times (Thanks to Dan for pointing out the error, at 28 folds, it would be 1 billion layers!).

Fold: 1: 8
Fold: 2: 16