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Productivity will skyrocket with an app like Todoist.
Productivity will skyrocket with an app like Todoist.

The most essential study habit is making a todo list. Whether you use pencil and paper, or an app likeTodoist , it is the single most essential thing you need. It’s not about keeping track of when you study, it gives you an external motivator.

I personally use Todoist, and I’ve paid for the service ($28 a year) because it is so helpful. It motivates you in ways you may not appreciate. Making the list shrink becomes addictive, checking things off your list gives you a pleasant feeling of accomplishment.

Why you should use Todo Lists

All kinds of sites give all kinds of examples on what to add, or how to manage your list, but to be honest: None of that will help you. You’re going to have to figure out what works best for you.

In the case of Todoist, I like being able to schedule daily study sessions, and have reminders pushed out to me. I like that I can access it on my Android phone and so on.

How I use Todo Lists to Get Stuff Done

Right now my main study focus is math, and note taking. For math I am learning the Trachtenberg System (I never memorized the times table), and so I have my math study scheduled each day, and usually do that first thing.

Here is my Daily todo-list:

  1. Make bed
  2. Work out for 7-10 minutes (Essential for study)
  3. 5 Minutes breath-focus meditation (Essential for practicing focus)
  4. Math Study
  5. Teeline Study (Shorthand for note taking)

The rest of the list are things I add as I go, like work tasks, or errands. I like Todoist for this as well, but really a pencil and paper list will be just fine, as it lets you place your todos into categories or “Projects.”

Todoist Week #1

Todoist Week #1 Activity
I went from 0 to a very acceptable level accomplishment in the first week. Todoist is like a game, a fun game, where winning has a direct effect on your life goals.

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