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Spree Commerce, eBay Trading API, and the eBay Accelerator Toolkit from Intradesys EbatNs

In this bit, I talk about using the EbatNs SDK for the eBay Trading API, to list items from your Spree Commerce store, or really any rails application. Filled with production code examples from an honest to god real live and working spree site that interfaces with the eBay trading API to Add, Revise, and End items, on ebay when they sell in your store, or on your store when they sell on eBay. Continue reading

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Simple PHP closure/lamda/anonymous function usage.

This is a fun little example of the new Closure features in php.

We can go a little further, and do like this.

An issue that comes up is, how do I get the $this variable in there. … Continue reading

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