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Rails will_paginate links to wrong page 4

Well, While setting up a website today I found a bit of retardation in will_paginate. Aside from poor and complicated documentation and an incredible amount of bloat for what amounts to a very simple kind of website component, I found that will_paginate was linking to /?page= on a page that showed in the url bar as /products, so the link should have been /products?page=. So I looked around for a quick fix, and this is the best I got: Revisited: roll your own pagination links with will_paginate and Rails 3 OH MY GAWD. You have to be shitting me. That is hands down the most retarded thing I have ever seen. So, like the little hack monster that I am, I did it faster and easier with less code. If you want to change the pagination links, you can do it with jQuery. $(‘div.pagination a’).each(function () { var url = $(this).attr(‘href’); url = url.replace(‘/’,”); $(this).attr(‘href’,url); }); Why? Because ideally, will_paginate shouldn’t give a shit about the url, that’s not its job, that’s my job, its job is to ADD get parameters, and manage what those parameters should be, anything else is retarded.

Rails 3 – PHP Style Global Variables, $_SESSION, $_GET, $_POST in the models, and everywhere.

PHP Globals in Rails 3 So, as part of my slow descent into hell for even showing this stuff, I thought I would make a quick and dirty post about getting PHP like globals into your models in Rails. I wrote a longer article about globals in the model in rails which you can check out for some other options. def some_before_filter $_SESSION = session $_GET = request.GET $_POST = request.POST $GLOBALS = {} end Yeah, that simple. When it comes to globals, the ruby and rails community is kind of like the child of a former Nazi sympathizer who got off the hook at Nuremburg. Yeah, they’re related, but they just don’t want to have anything to do with them, and if you remind them of the connection they get really angry.