Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fuck Kindle and Amazon 5

So a few months ago I bought a Kindle, and was right on the edge of Kindle evangelism, until today. From this point on, all I have to say about Kindle, is fuck you, and fuck Amazon too. I went to searching for a book, and for the first time ever, I got this message: What the hell? Yeah, that’s bullshit, that basically means that readers, and customers from that part of the world are essentially cut off. How is that good business, for amazon, or the publisher? I mean, let’s be honest, how many other kindle distributors are there? What, this publishing house has some kind of exclusive contract with another kindle format distributor in my country? One possibility might be that Amazon charges a different percentage for items purchased outside of the US, a real stupid thing to do. I suppose what the publisher is thinking is that they’d rather force customers to buy the hardcover, than only get 30% on an ebook sale. So is this good business? No. It’s just fucking stupidity. And I won’t evangelise for stupid people or stupid corporations. The Kindle has officially lost any support or endorsement or use from me. I wrote them a nice bit of hate mail to the kindle help department, explaining to them that I hope iPad and Apple win the ebook war, not because I like those services, I hate them and they suck, but just because I think that corporations that make stupid and arbitrary business decisions deserve to […]