flash cs5 packages cannot be nested

I was mucking about in Flash CS5 and got this error when I typed include “ClassName.as”. Note, I normally use FlashDevelop for flex stuff, so I was trying to use the CS5 interface. I got the error, and was like what? So I hit google and got this response:

Try this first save the AS file as Starter_1.as
Next make a new fla and save it in the same folder as the Starter_1.as
Now in the fla in properties look for Document class: and write >> Starter_1 << and test it.
answer from here

I was like, what? Aw hell no.

And then the other braincell that I was blessed with kicked in.

try import 🙂

so yes, you can just put import ClassName; on an actions frame and it works.

I can be pretty dense now and again. Hope this helps others avoid being a dumbass like I was.

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