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New C++ library with Happy Ending


Having a problem with <insert problem in c++ here>, don’t fret, as I have written an awesome lib that will solve your problem in 1 line of code, here’s a tasty code sample:

MyLib::MySpecialValue solved = MyLib::solveYourProblem(ProblemData);

All you need to do is download my project, and use <insert obscure replacement for make here> then type:  obscuremake all and you are done!

Don’t have obscuremake? No problem, just download and install and you’ll be off an running!

[While source is downloading…]

Welcome to

This page updated sufficiently long ago to make you think twice about using this tool.

ObscureMake is a new, improved form of make that is nothing even like make, using a special Fortran/COBOL hybrid language called Fortrol, you create your app in a ridiculously non-standard directory structure, and obscuremake does the rest, finding all of your randomly hidden include and inline files. ObscureMake is a complete waste of time, if you are about to download a project using obscuremake, please reconsider, by the time you download the project to compile and this tool, you’ll spend hours trying to figure out how to get it to run, once you do get it to run, it will spew out a bunch of nonsensical errors, which you will then spend 2 days tracking down trying to correct, finally, the project will compile, but once you include it in your current project, it won’t compile anymore because of some random error or collision. To be honest, you are better off writing it yourself.