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cmake error: could not create named generator xxx

This is a problem I had, and most of the responses on google were in the form of mailing lists, uggh.

Anyway, I did this reading so you don’t have to, first thing to try:

Did you spell the generator correctly? type cmake with no arguments, see if your generator is listed, if so, are  you spelling it exactly? Try again.

If you have messed around with this for awhile, you might need to del cmakecache.txt file.

Hope this helps someone else when they have the issue. And remember kiddies, don’t count on people spelling their directions correctly.

New C++ library with Happy Ending


Having a problem with <insert problem in c++ here>, don’t fret, as I have written an awesome lib that will solve your problem in 1 line of code, here’s a tasty code sample:

MyLib::MySpecialValue solved = MyLib::solveYourProblem(ProblemData);

All you need to do is download my project, and use <insert obscure replacement for make here> then type:  obscuremake all and you are done!

Don’t have obscuremake? No problem, just download and install and you’ll be off an running!